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France Digitale Day opening

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One size fits all product strategy

Scalable Tech infrastructure: building for mass distribution from Day 1

Public Markets to pay for international growth

Food Delivery Wars

Eternal Cycle of Innovation: what’s the next product?

Keeping values & DNA through hypergrowth

Keys to BtoC Success: social, mobile, viral

The Future of Advertising: what business model?

  • Laurent Allard

    Laurent Allard

    CEO, OVH

  • Ben Barokas

    Ben Barokas

    Founder & CEO, Sourcepoint Technologies

  • Eric Carreel

    Eric Carreel

    Co-Founder, Withings

  • Alex Castellarnau

    Alex Castellarnau

    Head of Design, Dropbox

  • Pieter van der Does

    Pieter van der Does

    Co-founder, Adyen

  • Eric Forest

    Eric Forest

    Chairman & CEO, EnterNext

  • Marion Moreau

    Marion Moreau

    Corporate branding specialist, SIGFOX

  • Robert Gentz

    Robert Gentz


  • Ludovic Le Moan

    Ludovic Le Moan

    Founder & CEO, Sigfox

  • Martin Mignot

    Martin Mignot

    Investor, Index Ventures

  • Michael Pryor

    Michael Pryor

    CEO, Trello

  • Didier Rappaport

    Didier Rappaport

    Founder, Happn

  • Henri Seydoux

    Henri Seydoux

    Founder & CEO, Parrot

  • Azmat Yusuf

    Azmat Yusuf

    Founder, Citymapper

  • David Buttress

    David Buttress

    CEO, Just Eat

  • Axel Dauchez

    Axel Dauchez

    President, Publicis

  • Liam Boogar

    Liam Boogar

    Co-founder & Editor, Rude Baguette

  • Emanuele Levi

    Emanuele Levi

    General Partner, 360 Capital Partners

  • Marie Ekeland

    Marie Ekeland

    Founder, Daphni - Co-president, France Digitale

  • Olivier Mathiot

    Olivier Mathiot

    CEO, PriceMinister - Co-President, France Digitale

  • Xavier Lazarus

    Xavier Lazarus

    Partner, Elaia Partners

  • Julien Lesaicherre

    Julien Lesaicherre

    Mobile platform partnerships, Facebook

  • Laura Schulte

    Laura Schulte

    Head of windelbar, Windeln

  • Pierre Louette

    Pierre Louette

    Deputy CEO & Group general Secretary, Orange Digital Ventures

Round 2: France vs. France

Is France a connected society?

The new regulatory playing field: national, European or international?

Obsolete laws: from data to labor

Social and Economic Performance of French digital business startups Annual Barometer by Ernst & Young and France Digitale

Let’s talk politics: last sprint before 2017

Special Interview

  • Liam Boogar

    Liam Boogar

    Co-founder & Editor, Rude Baguette

  • Axelle Lemaire

    Axelle Lemaire

    Minister of State for the Digital Sector, attached to the Minister of the Economy, Industry and the Digital Sector

  • Xavier Lorphelin

    Xavier Lorphelin

    Managing Partner, Serena Capital

  • Nicklas Lundblad

    Nicklas Lundblad

    Director of Public Policy & Government Relations For Europe, Google

  • Jean-Louis Missika

    Jean-Louis Missika

    Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of urban planning, architecture, the Greater Paris projects, economic development and attractiveness

  • Marc Mossé

    Marc Mossé

    Corporate and Legal Affairs Director, Microsoft

  • Laure de la Raudière

    Laure de la Raudière

    Member of the French National Assembly, Eure-et-Loir representative, Union for a Popular Movement member

  • Patrick Robin

    Patrick Robin

    Managing Partner, Avolta Partners - Vice-president, France Digitale

  • Franck Sebag

    Franck Sebag

    Partner, EY

  • Benoit Thieulin

    Benoit Thieulin


  • Emilie Vidaud

    Emilie Vidaud

    Chief editor, Décideurs Magazine

  • Paulin Dementhon

    Paulin Dementhon

    Founder & CEO, Drivy

  • Nicolas Cohen

    Nicolas Cohen

    Co-Founder, A Little Market - Vice-President, France Digitale

  • Jean-David Chamboredon

    Jean-David Chamboredon


  • Sam Schechner

    Sam Schechner

    Europe Tech Reporter, Wall Street Journal

Round 3: Corporates vs. Disruption

Merges and Acquisitions: the build up

Reinventing yourself: when big companies pivot

Keeping up with the speed of innovation: the key ingredient

Disrupting the Bank : can big companies be beta testers?

  • Nicolas Dufourcq

    Nicolas Dufourcq

    Executive Director, BPI France

  • Taavet Hinrikus

    Taavet Hinrikus

    Co-founder, TransferWise

  • Meryl Job

    Meryl Job

    Founder, Vide Dressing

  • Ronan Le Moal

    Ronan Le Moal

    CEO, Arkea

  • Anne-Laure Naveos

    Anne-Laure Naveos


  • Rolv Erik Ryssdal

    Rolv Erik Ryssdal


  • Virginie Fauvel

    Virginie Fauvel

    Member of the Executive Committee - Digital and Market Management, Allianz

  • Nicolas Celier

    Nicolas Celier

    Social impact investor

  • Guillaume Dupont

    Guillaume Dupont

    Partner, CapHorn Invest

  • Laurent Frisch

    Laurent Frisch

    Head of Digital, Radio France

  • Thomas Romieu

    Thomas Romieu

    Group Digital Director, LVMH

  • Stephanie Delestre

    Stephanie Delestre

    CEO & Co-Founder, Qapa

  • Benoist Grossmann

    Benoist Grossmann

    Managing Partner, Idinvest

  • Frederic Rouzaud

    Frederic Rouzaud

    CEO, Roederer

Round 4: Investors vs. Ambition

France: business heaven or lifestyle?

Deal size vs. risk aversion

Investing in talents: how to scale globally

How much can you tell your investors?

  • Philippe Botteri

    Philippe Botteri

    Partner, Accel

  • Philippe Collombel

    Philippe Collombel

    Managing Partner, Partech Ventures

  • Toby Coppel

    Toby Coppel

    Co-Founder & Partner, Mosaic Ventures

  • Solomon Hykes

    Solomon Hykes

    CTO, Docker

  • Frédéric Mazella

    Frédéric Mazella

    Founder & CEO Blablacar - Co-Founder Reviens Léon

  • Stéphanie Pelaprat

    Stéphanie Pelaprat


  • Dan Serfaty

    Dan Serfaty

    CEO, Viadeo

  • Romain Niccoli

    Romain Niccoli

    CTO, Criteo

  • Marc-David Choukroun

    Marc-David Choukroun

    CEO, La Ruche qui dit Oui !

  • Thierry Petit

    Thierry Petit

    Co-Founder & CEO, - Vice-President, France Digitale

  • Delphine Villuendas

    Delphine Villuendas

    General Counsel, Partech Ventures - Secretary-General, France Digitale

  • Jean Bourcereau

    Jean Bourcereau

    Managing Partner, Ventech

  • Jean-Daniel Guyot

    Jean-Daniel Guyot

    CEO, Capitaine Train

  • Jerome Lecat

    Jerome Lecat

    CEO, Scality

  • Marc Menasé

    Marc Menasé

    CEO & Founder, Menlook

  • Pierre-François Chiron

    Pierre-François Chiron

    CEO, MakeMeReach

  • Charles Christory

    Charles Christory

    CEO & Founder, Adictiz

  • Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet

    Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet

    Vice President, Les Republicains - Member of the French National Assembly

Closing Remarks & Improvised Conclusion avec Spontanez Vous

Serena Cup babyfoot final

4 babyfoots, open for use all day, under the spotlights of the Arena for the Final

Featuring Olivier Mathiot, Thierry Petit, Emanuele Levi, Xavier Lorphelin… and the winners of the FDMIX contest!

Serena Cup Finale

Let's meet @ FDDay: Speed Networking

The Arena turns into the perfect stage for a massive Speed Networking session

+ 500 meetings, 1h, 3min per talk and a chance to meet international investors & successful entrepreneurs: Thierry Petit, Cap Horn, Jérôme Lecat, Charles Christory, Jean-David Chamboredon, Xavier Lazarus, Serena Capital, Daphni,  Go Capital and many more!