Joining the dots : the first map of Europe’s AI ecosystem

The battle for AI supremacy has begun. Around the globe, governments, businesses and society have realized the technology’s potential to transform the world we live in, whether by automating tasks or providing insights into our health, behavior or livelihoods.

But as with past game-changing technologies, AI’s arrival will not be without upheaval. There will be major implications: businesses, jobs and living conditions will all be affected, leaving many fearful of the world to come.

This means it’s important to get AI right. At the moment, many players are pursuing the technology enthusiastically, but failing to fully harness its potential.

Roland Berger and France Digitale are convinced AI will be a force for good – provided it is properly implemented. As such, we feel there is a need to better understand the technology, and also the whole ecosystem behind it. This report goes some way towards that. France Digitale has a wealth of data on AI in Europe, and suggested that Roland Berger make a joint effort to organize and analyze it, to build a picture of the European AI ecosystem. The result is a long-term knowledge tool that consolidates Europe’s AI expertise, and provides a great base to bolster Europe’s fight for AI leadership.