🍏 Are you being duped by Apple?

In the video below, we illustrate in 4 easy steps how to check a setting that affects millions of people in France! 👇

On March 9, 2021, we asked the CNIL to comment on how Apple collects our personal data. We then did something no association of startups had ever done before: we filed a complaint against the tech giant from Cupertino!

Why did we do it?
1️⃣ The law applies to everyone, whether you’re a small tech company or a large corporate group. Startups in France are serious about legal and privacy-related restrictions. However, might the company with the largest market cap in the world be neglecting these basic principles?
2️⃣ “Do as I say, not as I do:” while Apple portrays itself as a privacy champion, might the firm actually be collecting personal data by default for ad targeting purposes?

Several dozen startups told France Digitale that all of Apple’s native apps allow for ad targeting in iOS 14. These accounts were given in strict anonymity as all of the startups were fearful of repercussions. Concretely, the startups discovered that personalized ads benefiting the Apple platform are now activated by default (in your device, go to Settings – >Privacy – >Apple Advertising – >Personalized Ads). This is a clear, serious, and repeated breach of the GDPR and the “ePrivacy” Directive.

“Apple’s implementation of read or write operations on the user’s device should have been accompanied by strict procedures for obtaining the user’s prior consent. This is a clear violation of the use of personal data. France Digitale’s complaint is based on substantial and irrefutable elements, namely the “ePrivacy” Directive of July 12, 2002, which was officially enacted into French law as Article 82 of the French Data Protection Act, and the definition of consent laid out in Article 4 of the GDPR,” declared attorney Cédric Dubucq, appointed by France Digitale for its complaint with the CNIL.

Nicolas Brien, Managing Director of France Digitale, said: “While small French startups are respecting the law, Apple seems to be operating above it. We won’t allow this double standard to take hold in the online advertising market!”

It may feel like a digital remake of “David vs. Goliath,” but we won’t stop fighting until we achieve more justice and equality. And we could use your help! 😉

In the meantime, let’s take advantage of the highly anticipated Digital Markets Act to send a message to the regulators!

📢 Our complaint in the French press!

France Digitale porte plainte contre Apple auprès de la CNIL

France Digitale saisit la Cnil contre Apple

France Digitale attaque Apple devant la Cnil

France : La Cnil saisie contre Apple sur la protection des données

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