United Tech of Europe: le manifeste européen des startups(France Digitale et 26 associations européennes, 2019)

Europe is in the midst of a critical phase of development. The
next five years will determine its role in the global economy, and
thus its capacity to prove attractive to its inhabitants, particularly
in its potential to provide a dynamic environment for investment
and an active job market.

At the same time, economic competition between the U.S. and
China is fiercer than ever, the two states going head to head over
innovation—a race to be first to the digital sphere.

And the international community cannot blame them. Digitization
is not to be underestimated. We are at the cradle of a fourth
revolution, caused in great part by breakthrough technologies like
artificial intelligence, blockchain, and virtual reality.

But Europe remains steadfast alongside them and can pull
ahead. We have an opportunity to become world leaders in
innovation, provided we develop a clear vision for achievement
and demonstrate persistence in all endeavors.

The European elections will prove decisive in whether or not
the continent is able to rank as innovation leader in the next
decade. This election period provides an opportunity to embrace
change and move toward tech. To make bold, ambitious choices,
the impacts of which will be large-scale and long-lasting.

As organizations representing startups and the digital sector
across Europe, we are launching a call to candidates for the
European elections: if you claim to make digitization, innovative
ambitions, and European competitiveness priorities throughout
your campaign and your term, “walk the walk.” Endorse the “15
commitments for a United Tech of Europe”, follow through
with tech-friendly legislation, and ensure that our political
environment engenders innovation.

For the first time in European history, 30 organizations from 27
countries across the EU have banned together to merge their
aspirations and expectations, and to speak with a united voice.

Europe is faced with a narrow time frame during which it can
propose an alternative and ambitious vision for the digital sphere.
Propositions must therefore be clear, concise, and achievable,
albeit bold and demanding.

Our proposal consists of 15 concrete measures structured
around four pillars:

  • A European Limited Status
  • A Data-Driven EU
  • Closing the Financial Gap
  • Startup-Friendly Institutions