Talent Awards 2021

A unique ceremony to reward the teams behind the best scaling stories.

Every year, we’re closing the FDDAY with this unique ceremony to highlight French Tech’s most beautiful stories. Last year, 7 wonderful teams were rewarded for their unique impact. For the 4th edition, they’re putting their prices back into play this year. 🏆


Just so you know, you can find the questions we ask at the bottom of this page.


Here are the 8 categories of this year:

👉 Global: A success story about international reach and/or expansion. (Business/ Ops)
👉 Diversity: A team who made diversity an essential part of their corporate culture and endeavors to create a more inclusive tech world.  (HR/whole team)
👉 For France: A team who are a flagbearer of the French brand and ecosystem, locally and/or internationally. (Whole team)
👉 For Democracy: A team who promote democracy or social change through their action. (Whole team)
👉 Governance: A team who have successfully designed an inclusive decision making process and a flat organization.  (HR/Finance/Executive Committee)
👉 Branding: A team who have translated the vision and culture of the company into a strong brand.  (Marketing team)
👉 Community: A team who successfully engage their costumers and create a sense of belonging. (Customer Success & Community teams)
👉 Future of work: A team who have embraced the Future of Work by building modern working solutions (e.g. by excelling as a distributed / remote team). (Whole team)


Just so you know:

  • There are no fees to apply!
  • You don’t need to be a France Digitale member

To apply, you need to respect the following criteria:

  • You need to be a French startup or scale-up;
  • You are independent (no exit);
  • You have more than 25 permanent positions in the team;
  • You have an ARR > 5M€ (and >25 B2B users or 50k B2C users).

We had to put some criteria to mesure the maturity of the scaling stories.
However, if your story is too good to put aside and your numbers are not exactly matching these, your application will still be considered. Don’t hesitate to apply!

"All these companies are inspiring. They're showing us the way to reveal new talents and build, we think, a better world."

You’ll enjoy great press visibility, with our partner from the beginning, Les Échos Group.
For example, you can find the wonderful story of Bodyguard, rewarded for their fight against cyber-harassement.

But we also make sure to have you visible in all the ecosystem.