About us

France Digitale is the leading association of startups in Europe. Created in 2012 as a result of the pro-entrepreneur “Pigeons” movement, the association currently represents more than 1,800 digital entrepreneurs and investors in France.

Our mission? Allow for Digital Champions to emerge in Europe.


  • Because companies can no longer be solely driven by growth
  • Because Silicon Valley is no longer the center of the world and Europe can and must work together
  • Because the values of our startups and their positive social and environmental impact should attract talent from all over the world


  • By creating a regulatory context (in particular, with public policymakers) that is favorable to the ecosystem
  • By helping our members raise funds, recruit, train their C-levels, meet with investors, improve their impact, and network with their peers

Elected by our members, the board of France Digitale is composed of an equal number of entrepreneurs (10) and investors (10). We believe in equal representation!

Every year at our general meeting, half of the seats on the board are filled with different members. The board meets once per quarter.

The board

The Board of France Digitale, elected by its members, is composed in equal measure of entrepreneurs (10 seats) and investors (10 seats). Balance and equal representation are key to our organization.

Each year, half of the board is renewed during the General Assembly and the board meets quarterly.

Benoist Grossmann

Co-Président de France Digitale


Frédéric Mazzella

Co-président de France Digitale


Clara Audry

Vice-présidente investisseur

Caphorn Invest

Pierre-Edouard Berion

Vice-président investisseur


Sarah-Diane Eck

Vice-présidente entrepreneure

Lum Network

Clément Buyse

Vice-président entrepreneure


Benjamin Bitton

Trésorier / 2C Finance

Willy Braun


Jean-David Chamboredon


Axel Dauchez


Astrid Fockens

Impact Partners

Benjamin Gaignault


Stéphanie Hospital


Vincent Huguet


Justine Hutteau


Samantha Jérusalmy


Carole Juge-Llewellyn


Julia Néel Biz


Alexandre Pachulski


Fleur Pellerin

Korelya Capital

Audrey Soussan


Delphine Villuendas

Secrétaire générale / Elaia


Maya Noel

Chief Executive Officer

Marianne Tordeux

Director of Public Affairs France & Programs

Arthur Nègre

Director of Partnerships and Corporate Relations

Richard Samier

Customer Success Manager

Antoine Chauffrut

Lead Scale-up & C-Level program

Agata Hidalgo

European Affairs Coordinator

Pauliina Myllyntaus

Program Manager - Talent & International

Thomas Barreau

AI Regulation Manager

Laurène Baude

Event Manager

Margot Dessus

Senior Community-Content Manager

Camille Lenoir

Community-Content Manager

Sophie Tobin

Partnership Executive

Elsa de Beauregard

Partnerships Manager

Flavia Roland

Startup Manager Early Stage

Clémence Vaucel