Who we are

France Digitale is the leading startup organization in Europe. Created in 2012, following the Pigeon movement, the association represents more than 1,500 French digital entrepreneurs and investors.

Our mission? To enable the emergence of future European digital champions.


  • Because hypergrowth can no longer be the only reason for companies to exist…
  • Because Silicon Valley is no longer the centre of the world and Europe can and must play as a team.
  • Because the values of our startups and their positive impact on society and the environment is an asset in attracting talent from all over the world.


  • By creating a regulatory context favourable to the ecosystem (particularly among public players).
  • Enabling our members to raise funds, recruit, train their C-Levels, meet with corporations, improve their impact, network with their peers, etc.

The board

The Board of France Digitale, elected by the members, is composed equally of entrepreneurs (10 seats) and investors (10 seats). Balance and representativeness are our watchwords!

Each year, half of the Board is renewed at the General Meeting. The board meets quarterly.

Benoist Grossmann

Co-Président de France Digitale

IdInvest Partners

Frédéric Mazzella

Co-président de France Digitale


Olivier Mathiot

Vice-président investisseur

The Camp

Clara Audry

Vice-présidente investisseur

Caphorn Invest

Sarah-Diane Eck

Vice-présidente entrepreneure


Clément Buyse

Vice-président entrepreneure


Lucie Basch

Too Good To Go

Julia Bijaoui


Benjamin Bitton

Trésorier / 2C Finance

Marie Brayer


Jean-David Chamboredon


Marc-David Choukroun

La Ruche qui dit oui

Axel Dauchez


Stéphanie Hospital


Samantha Jérusalmy


Carole Juge-Llewellyn


Taïg Khris

On Off Telecom

Emanuele Levi

360 Capital

Fleur Pellerin

Korelya Capital

Lara Rouyres


Audrey Soussan


Delphine Villuendas

Secrétaire générale / Founders Factory


Nicolas Brien


Fabrice Feugas

Head of Community

Marianne Tordeux

Director of Public Affairs

Maya Noël

Head of Partnerships and Corporate Relations

Julia Fenart

Head of European Affairs

Antoine Chauffrut

Head of Candidate Experience

Cécile Biedermann

Head of Events

Estelle Delahaye

Project Manager Tech For Good

Shameer Issany

Partnership Manager

Guillaume Gatin

Partnership Executive

Dina Louze

Head of Community

Florian Groussin

Growth Hacker Communauté

Valentine Clément

Event Project Manager

Pauline Abela

Policy Analyst

Juliette Dumas

Policy Analyst

Karl Gateau

Policy Analyst

Charlotte Jestin

Project manager - French Tech Grand Paris