Who are we?

We are an independent organization (and it’s rare enough to be highlighted!) that gathers startups and investors to defend innovation in France and in Europe.

Our mission is to bring out European digital champions, and we do it by:

connecting ecosystem players with each other with quality events

saving time for those who have chosen the entrepreneurial path by providing them with the right tools, practices and contacts

launching awareness campaigns for public authorities but also the general public (so that our families finally understand what we are doing)

The board

The board of France Digitale, elected by our members, is composed of 10 entrepreneurs and 10 investors in equal parts. And that’s what makes us unique!
  • Benoist Grossmann

    Co-President of France Digitale


  • Frédéric Mazzella

    Co-President of France Digitale


  • Clara Audry

    Vice-president investors

    Jolt Capital

  • Pierre-Edouard Berion

    Vice-président investors

  • Clément Buyse

    Vice-président entrepreneurs


  • Sarah-Diane Eck

    Vice-présidente entrepreneurs

    Lum Network

  • Elina Berrebi


  • Benjamin Bitton


    2C Finance

  • Willy Braun


  • Maud Caillaux


  • Axel Dauchez


  • Jade Francine


  • Astrid Fockens

    Impact Partners

  • Stéphanie Hospital


  • Justine Hutteau


  • Samantha Jérusalmy


  • Carole Juge-Llewellyn


  • Jérôme Masurel

    50 Partners

  • Julia Néel Biz


  • Isabelle Rabier


  • Audrey Soussan


  • Delphine Villuendas

    General secretary / Elaia

The team

Maya Noël

Chief Executive Officer

Alexandre Labarrière

Director of Communication and Marketing

Arthur Nègre

Director Member & Corporate Relations

Marianne Tordeux

Director of Public Affairs

Thomas Barreau

AI Regulation & Standardisation Manager

Laurène Baude

Head of Events

Elsa de Beauregard

Lead Partnership Manager

Victor Birobent

Chief of staff

Matthieu Belair

Junior Community-Content Manager

Yann Boulay

Senior Public Affairs Manager - France

Antoine Chauffrut

Team lead - Startup Manager

Laure de Clebsattel

Senior Event & Editorial Content Manager

Margot Dessus

Senior Communications & Marketing Manager

Mathilde Dias

Junior Event Project Manager

Margaux Flamant

Startup Manager Talents

Clément Gobet

Scale-Ups Manager

Agata Hidalgo

European Affairs Manager

Mohand Meftouh

Startup Manager Junior

Antoine Latran

European affairs coordinator

Maurine Riou

Investor Relations Manager

Flavia Roland

Senior Startup Manager

Richard Samier

Lead Data et CSM

Sophie Tobin

Senior Partnership Manager

Clémence Vaucel

Office Manager

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