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We’ve built a unique community of 2,000 startups and investors to play as a team.

What we do for you practically


Get inspired by entrepreneurs to take your project forward, learn from each other by sharing best practices and network with your peers... Our mission is to connect you to the right people through 50+ quality events over the year.


From Paris to Brussels, we carry the voice of the ecosystem to those who define the rules so that no obstacle will hold you back. And safe to say that we're not afraid to fight for innovation.


We provide you with content and advice that you won't find on Google: (really) useful toolkits, a close eye on the new laws that concern you, mappings, analyses of a broad range of subjects and even a summary of the news with our newsletter… to always stay one step ahead!


Because we know that recruiting is as much the sinews of war as it is a hassle. We select the best profiles to strengthen your teams. We give you visibility within schools and allow you to exchange the best HR tips.

Our collective

Becoming a member of France Digitale means joining
a big family that helps each other to grow together.

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The Startup Collective is a programme designed by and for founders of seed stage startups. We already have +1,200 entrepreneurs, but can we count on you? In this collective, weg ive you the opportunity to:

Get together with your peers:

  • Every month with an exclusive meetup to hear the firsthand experience of a well-known player in the ecosystem
  • At our biggest reunion (ever!) during the FDDay or our general assembly

Access funding with:

  • Speed (invest) meetings across France during the 8 stages of our FDTour
  • Info sessions on fundraising every month

Equip you with:

  • (Good) content and (good) tips for setting up your own business
  • Mappings to increase your visibility

Our annual membership is 500€

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From Paris to Brussels, France Digitale is at once a watcher, a spokesperson and a facilitator. It is our best partner in public affairs with teams that are always available and ready to listen.
Philippe Laurence, Public Affairs at Doctrine
The HR Day allowed the HR community to meet and share innovative projects and common issues. A very impactful day, just like what France Digitale is offering with its programme for the C-Levels.
Sandrine Meunier, Chief People Officer - Aircall
France Digitale is a unique tech ecosystem in France that supports us in our growth and funding. Thanks to the FDTour and their support, I was able to benefit from maximum impact and plenty of visibility opportunities within the community: corporate, VC and peers!
Hela Atmani, Co-founder & CEO, PALM

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