May 2024

European Position - A Unique Opportunity for an Open and Tech Europe


In the run-up to the European elections, France Digitale is joining forces with its European counterparts and startup founders for a joint tribune highlighting the innovation ecosystem as a key to EU competitiveness.

With its 450 million population, world-class talent, unique social values and way of life, the European Union has the potential to become a leader in promoting a stronger democracy, social cohesion and an innovative economic model that will launch our continent into the future.

Yet despite all these strengths, Europe struggles to affirm its role as an economic and political superpower in a chaotic global context heavily impacted by war, economic stagnation, climate change, autocrats and inequalities.

We – entrepreneurs, investors and innovators – are proactive communities working for a better Europe. Our contribution lies in the promotion of social and economic development through an open, inclusive and technologically-forward driven model. If competitiveness is the new buzzword in Brussels, we are one of the leverages which makes it tangible.

This year, we have a unique opportunity to change things for the better. Between June 6 and 9 the citizens of 27 European countries will be called to the polls to elect the next European Parliament and a record 68% of Europeans already expressed their willingness to cast a vote. This is the perfect time to ask ourselves a fundamental question: What kind of Europe do we want for the next 5 years? Our answer is clear:

  1. We want a powerful Europe that pursues ambitious long-term and non-negotiable objectives.
  2. We want a Europe that nurtures democracy, diversity and future generations.
  3. We want a Europe where people and companies can succeed.


With the support of  founders and partners from Blablacar, Cabify, Clikalia, Factorial, Glovo, Jolimoi, Joone, Mirakl, OneRagTime, Red Points, Slate VC, SumUp, Teale, Ventech and more…